BE1-79M, Multi Shot Reclosing Relay

A microprocessor-based relay that provides versatility and control in automatic circuit breaker reclosing.


  • Program up to four reclosure attempts with contact-selectable reclosing sequences.
  • Gain flexibility with individually adjustable time-delayed reclosing attempts.
  • Separate high-speed Pilot reclose is available for transmission reclosing applications.
  • Optional outputs provide control for tripping schemes and blocking load tap-changer operation during reclosing sequences.
  • Optional controls limit the duration of reclose command output and the overall reclosing cycle.
  • Optional contact inputs can be used to inhibit the reset timer, inhibit all reclose timing, obtain an alarm prior to lockout, or permit a special reclosing sequence.
  • Reduced battery load with low burden power supply.
  • Easily perform in-case system and device tests using test paddles.


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