DECS-100, Digital Excitation Control System

The DECS-100 provides entire system solutions in one compact package. Building on Basler's innovative pioneering of digital excitation controls, the DECS-100 offers a full range of functionality in a high-powered, yet cost-effective package. The dynamic capabilities of the DECS-100 provide precise voltage regulation and exceptional system response, while providing valuable protection of the generator and excitation system.


  • Microprocessor-based controller integrates a function-packed, easy-to-use feature set, reducing installation costs by eliminating peripheral components while maximizing functionality to easily meet customer-specific requirements.
  • The powerful seven amp, pulse-width-modulated power stage provides high field forcing for exceptional system response.
  • DECS-100's rms sensing and rugged power stage create an easy, worry-free solution for applications containing high waveform distortion caused by non-linear loading.
  • Integrated generator and exciter protection ensure reliable and safe operation of the entire system.
  • The DECS-100's rugged, potted design provides exceptional reliability in harsh environments, easily allowing years of worry-free operation.
  • Available with extended 10 Adc output capabilities at 55°C for a wide range of applications (part number 9287500147 for 1-amp CTs and 9287500148 for 5-amp CTs).


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