DECS-250 CGCM, Digital Excitation Control System

The DECS-250 CGCM controller is a system ready, total control and protection replacement package for the popular Allen-Bradley® 1407-CGCM (Combination Generator Control Module) package provided through Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley®. This controller combines the latest technology and the proven reliability of the DECS-250 and Allen-Bradley® 1407-CGCM. The DECS-250 CGCM, when used in conjunction with an Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix&r control system, provides highly robust generator control, protection and system supervision.


  • Emulation mode provides plug-and-play capabilities for quick and easy field replacement of existing Allen-Bradley® 1407-CGCMs.
  • Easy integration with the Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® control systems.
  • Ability to Autotrack between legacy Allen-Bradley® 1407-CGCMs and DECS-250 CGCM reducing the need to update both control systems.
  • Powerful 15 A pulse width modulated power stage provides high initial response for exceptional system response to load transients.
  • Flexible PWM power stage makes it easily adaptable to any system - shunt, auxiliary winding, permanent magnet, or dc fed.


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      • Textbook: Excitation Control Systems, Second Edition Order Form (180.2KB)
        This book offers the reader a thorough understanding of excitation control systems, including the synchronous generator, exciter and voltage regulator. It is now available through direct order, via the PDF form. If the PDF file does not open correctly, right-click on the link and select "Save Link As" to save the PDF file to your PC.


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