Electrical Engineer - Highland, IL


With assistance from Senior level engineering staff, design electrical/electronic products for use in protection and control of power generation, transmission, distribution, and motor systems as assigned. Typical products may include protective relays, voltage regulators, genset controllers, other controllers, power bridges, and excitation systems. Responsibilities in this position may include updating electrical designs or originating electrical designs. In this role, employing effective techniques and efficient methods to drive projects to successful completion is key.

Reports to: Electrical Engineering Manager

Essential Duties

  • Assist in establishing design criteria to meet customer requirements.
  • Develop the electrical/electronic design to meet the requirements of the design specification or individual customer specification.
  • Exercise clear communicative and effective coordinative skills with various personnel and groups of varying technical expertise.
  • System design that may include selection and design integration of controllers, power electronic bridges, protection equipment, power supplies, power and signal conductors, and HMI.
  • Circuit design that may include high-speed digital, microprocessor, FPGA, communications, logic, HMI, analog, input sensing, output control, high power, power supplies, power bridges, and others.
  • Coordinate electrical design efforts with firmware / software engineer for proper integration.
  • Select standard parts and proven circuits when practical and calculate electrical stress information for components used in the design.
  • Direct and/or perform the generation of electrical schematics.
  • Supervise technicians assigned to a particular job or project.
  • Evaluate design concepts through theoretical study, proof-of-concept and/or prototype hardware if needed, having design reviews as necessary.
  • Evaluate test data.
  • Verify correctness of final schematics, printed circuit boards, and bills of material.
  • Release to Mechanical Engineering section when design has been confirmed, with schematics and electrical bill of materials.
  • Write Theory of Operation.
  • Direct and/or assist the Technical Writer with information needed to write or update instruction manuals and sales bulletins.
  • Estimate material and engineering effort required on jobs being quoted as assigned by Supervisor.
  • Travel as required for training, support of project tasks, product issues, or other design or job related needs
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.


  • B.S.E.E. Degree or equivalent.
  • One to three years of design experience preferred.
  • Able to clearly communicate, both verbally and in writing, with customers and various levels of personnel.
  • Able to effectively use engineering design and simulation tools.
  • Effective coordinative skills.
  • Proficient computer skills.

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