DECS Digital Excitation Control Systems

Exciter Field Current Rating DECS Model
0-10A DECS-150
0-15A DECS-250
0-20A DECS-250N
0-200A DECS-250E
0-2,500A DECS-450
0-10,000A DECS-2100


  • The DECS family product line offers many integrated features and functions for regulation, limiting, protection, and data analysis to make your product selection easy.
  • DECS products are available for standard or custom solutions to be utilized on pan chassis or in cubicles as part of a complete system to fit in your application.



Technical Resources


Case Studies

  • Case Study

    • One Good DECS Deserves Another (616.8KB)
      Throughout Taiwan’s history, many government-owned power plants were built to supply power for the main island of Taiwan and its outlying islands. Basler excitation systems and protective relays are widely used in these plants.
    • One of Basler’s First SSE’s Still Carrying the Load of a 2MW Generator (1.8MB)
      From the early days of rotating exciters to today’s digital static excitation systems using power semiconductors, Basler’s generator excitation systems have made great strides in innovation and efficiency while always maintaining their reputation for legendary reliability.