Plug and Play and Retrofit Relays

Basler's retrofit relays provide direct “plug and play” replacements for many obsolete electromechanical relay designs with no wiring changes.

Other Basler relays fit into the cutouts of older electromechanical relays with no panel drilling or cutting required. Wiring changes are required and an adapter plate may be needed.

See the Replacement Product Selector to determine if a Basler relay can replace your older style relay.


  • "Plug and Play" retrofits minimize cost and out-of-service time with no case replacement or rewiring required.
  • "Plug and Play" retrofits provide easy setup with operation and settings that mimic existing electromechanical relays.
  • Retrofit-friendly numeric relays are available in cases that fit into the cutouts of older electromechanical relays.
  • Achieve financial and labor savings with a replacement relay that fits neatly into an existing panel.



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