LSM-2020, Load Share Module

The LSM-2020 adds even more horsepower to the already extensive capabilities of the DGC-2020. The LSM-2020 adds the ability to precisely share both real and reactive loads between gensets or the utility, base-load machines, sequence generator sets, and start or stop machines upon total system demand. The simple-to-use LSM-2020 easily adds paralleling capabilities with little effort or expense.

For instruction manuals, refer to the DGC-2020 or IEM-2020 product page.


  • Enables exceptional paralleling capabilities and control of multiple genset systems and network-paralleled systems in a simple-to-use, add-on package.
  • The LSM-2020 precisely controls equal sharing of real and reactive genset loads.
  • Provides dynamic control of the governor and AVR to optimize system response when synchronizing and paralleling multiple gensets.
  • Rugged, potted package provides unsurpassed reliability in extreme operating conditions.
  • Ethernet communication provides immediate response to system changes, as well as simple remote programming and control via BESTCOMSPlus® software. Simple configuration makes it easy to commission complicated paralleled gensets.



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